OPTIONS FOR CHILDREN OF ZAMBIA is a 501 (c) 3 not for profit devoted to providing nutritional, health care and micro-economic support to orphans and vulnerable children and their families in rural Zambia. You can read more about these wonderful things by visiting their website @ www.optionsforchildren.org

ZAMBIAN MADE, HAND-PAINTED, COLORFAST, WASHABLE, GORGEOUS........these Tribal Textiles are a rich addition to your home. Your purchase of Tribal Textiles benefits not only your home and the people and village in Zambia where they are made, but also supports the work of Options for Children of Zambia to bring better health and well-being to rural Zambia.
Sustainable retail - where your shopping helps the planet--to aid non-profits working in Africa or small businesses here in the USA.
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332 N Great Neck Rd, Suite101               (757)200-5600
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
ABOVE: Columbian Tagua (palm ivory) necklaces, Zambian Soap and Zambeezi lip balm, and some American Made Splaff flops (recycled racing tires, innertubes and hemp linings), Splaff wallet from innertubes and hemp trim (also make belts and more), Kwytza recycled chopstick baskets (and other chopstick things), Sea Stones drink chillers give a new meaning to "on the rocks", Spirit Lala's recycled windshield glass jewelry, Christy Fisher's recycled soda can "Trashion" jewelry, Sea of Glass beautiful dichroic earrings, Mayapple Designs whimsical jewelry out of recycled glass/recycled sterling silver and a couple of the many assorted Tribal Textile pillow covers.

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